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Latest NEWS:

15°09"2015'   Several new images uploded to directory Album Art & Psychedelic Art

23°10"2013'   New directory Album Art & Psychedelic Art

13°06"2013'   My digital painting gallery grows, 2 new images, check it now.

06°06"2013'   Long time no update on this site, - sorry ;) Actually i use my free time only for digital painting and for my pleasure.
Will update the gallery section step by step to an actual level.

07°11"2010'   Actually working at new artworks and models for

05°02"2010'   New Cover artwork

02°01"2010'  New model AnKhar in store

29°12"2009'  New images in SF galery

29°11"2008'   New images in Fantasy galery

19°06"2008'   Animation-Video 3Bein

15°02"2008 '  Started to convert models for BRYCE 5+ and opened Store for BRYCE-Models

13°02"2008'   New abstract models  only available on request

09°02"2008' Animation Tower 1 ready
Complete new model serie is in progress. Have some modeled 3d objects ready which must be still rigged for Poser

17°08"2007'   Animation ARROW -CLASS, 4min Space Video-Clip ready

01°08"2007'   New Animation ready

02°12"2006   Spaceraupe 001 now for  Poser5 available

14°08"2006'   Postershop "The Dark Age"

27°06"2006' NEW: Comic Art

NEU: Postershop "The Dark Age"

29°10"2005'   New Avatar + Video

14°10"2005'   Neue Rubrik UNHEIMLICHE GESCHICHTEN

01°07"2004'  Animations-Galerie eröffnet 

Listinus Toplisten Listinus Toplisten




3D Illustration und Auftragsmalerei auf Anfrage!

3D illustration and paintings on commission!


New Models: 

3D figure Stoertebecker

3D organic spaceship model AnKhar

3D model MOO Expansion for Poser


New Character-Set: 

Texture- & CharacterSet STARMAID for POSER 6 JESSI
Featured Galleries:

2D & 3D art mythological fantasy creature


Direkt-Service Buch- und CD-Cover, Poster für Werbung und Privat, Illustration von Print- und digitalen Medien aller Art auf Anfrage.
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