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UV template

UV template Spacequalle 1

Figuren / Models Heads and Models

requires: any 3D software

Modelling and virtual sculpting, that's my newest pleasure. It took me a long time training and waiting to get the skill for this. Even the software for creating such creatures is very expensive. The biggest problem on this way is that the software is not in my mother language. Many things are strange and i don't find a translation in my dictionary which will explain the meaning. So i had / have to try it out and look what happens.
I'm glad to find some german newsgroops and tutorials which were a great help to understand the basics. For the rest, maybe you are interested im virtual modelling, there's only one thing important:

..... training, training, training .....
(Try to get a little success and progress every day!)


Download Gallerie 3D Köpfe
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Haare / Hair
"Glowbones 05"
P5 Hair

requires: V3

IMPORTANT using instructions 4 "Glowbones 05":
Glowbones05 hair is designed for V3. Load V3 and apply Glowbones05_1 or Glowbones05_2, or both. Glowbones05 is a set of 2 piece hair. Every piece has an own scullcap/Schädelkappe. By loading Glowbones05 it may happen that the hair is not exactly at the right place on the head.
DON'T TRY TO MOVE THE HAIR ! There's an easy trick now:

Mark the scullcaps (Schädelkappe) and enable visibility. Now it should be at the right place and you can disable the visibility of the scullcaps again.

Objekte / Objects    
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