3D art animation and vertical video gallery with human characters, avatars and geometric objects in experimental space art scenes. - 3rdArt

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last update: 10.11.2018

3rd Art animation & design.
Vertical footage video in 1080x1920 px.
On click opens a preview. "Video purchase with electronic download" possibility is deactivated in the moment. I'm looking for a new hosting service. so long if you're interested to buy a clip please contact me here.

These pages present you some samples of my library of 3d chracters and avatars. I've spend several years with animation and design or texturing of such 3D figures and scenes. Some figures are my 100% total own creations, others are only textured and animated by me. For all figures i have and offer the rights for commercial use of the footage video or images. If you're looking for a special character don't hesitate to contact me. As i wrote, here i present only some samples.

2D and 3D fractal geometry art and illustrations
2D and 3D fractal geometry art, illustration and video clips
NEW: 360VR animation design

Abstract forms and design moving in 306VR virtual reality degrees.
Watching with VR glasses like Occulus or else you'll get an outstanding experience which beats your mind.
Please note: The YT player or Facbook player doesn't show you the real visual experience. These players can't give you the feeling to be an inside part middle in the 360VR scene. The player visuals are zoomed to much or show you the whole 360° scene within a flat 2:1 resolution video. These videos can show you only in a simple way what is in, but are no replacement for 360VR glasses!

3rdART 3D Animation Gallery. Character-Animation with real looking Persons and Figures. Photo-Realistic presentation of Humans, Animals and Critters as virtual digital 3D Figures acting in short Videoclips or Videostories.
These pages are especialy dedicated to the great art of 3D Animation, like the photorealistic fantastic Animation of Characters. All Animations within this website are confirmed to present the great Art of nearly perfect presentation of characters and especially the fine art of motion. I don't animate eggcups !

Zbrush Sculpting

human characters and fantasy creatures
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